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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Michael and I took at cruise the first week of December. It was so amazing, the food was good on board. We went ashore on to of the ports. The first was Mahogany Bay Honduras, were we went to this resort on it's own private island. The water was blue green and warm and the sand was white and felt so soft. We got to kayak and just swim around. The best part was they took us a ways out in the ocean to the reef where we got to go snorkeling. It was so beautiful to see all of the colorful fish and coral. We had an amazing day there. The next port that we went to was Cozumel Mexico, We took a ferry over to the main land and went to the Tulum Temple. The ruins are amazing, we saw a lot of iguanas running around every were. The entire trip was so fun and relaxing for Michael and I.

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